Canada Photo Convention is an inclusive family of like-minded pro photographers and underdogs from all over the world who meet twice a year at business-focused, resource-rich conferences to master the business of photography. We expose the lie that better photos equal better income with a rock-solid approach to creative business training that helps photographers go from imposter to insider.

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Rebecca Bose












April 4

09:00-10:00  Jasser--Love shouldn't hurt.  All the ways your business is abusing you and how to put a stop to it.
10:00-10:45 Tim King--
Headshots with heart
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Jessica Hill--Divide and Conquer - The Science and Art of Building an Associate Brand 
12:00-13:30 Break
13:30-14:30 Jacklyn Greenberg-
Rocking the Client Experience
14:30-15:30 Abby & Dave--Embracing the Uncomfortable
15:30-15:45 Break
Kelsey Goodwin--F*CK UP HOUR
Evening: Free time/Gather for Drinks

April 5

Christina Craft--Everything This Christina Knows About Marketing
10:00-10:45 Justin Lam--Wedding and Trade Shows... Bounty or Bust?
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Andy Stenz--Intentionality - Building a better life and business, here or 4000 miles away
12:00-13:30 Break
13:30-14:30 Kelsey Goodwin--Perfecting the Image
Kendra & Brad--Selling Art from the Heart and Not Starving in the Process.
15:30-15:45 Break
Rebecca Bose--Taking the Terror Out Of In Person Sales

Evening: The Final Power Hour. 

April 6

09:00-10:00  Beth Teutschmann-
Outsourcing: Just do it already. And give me your money.
10:00-10:45 Vairdy Frail--Giving Back while Moving Forward: How Charitable Marketing will Elevate You and Your Brand
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Megan Elrick--Wedding Cinematographers and Learning to Love Them
12:00-13:30 Break
Nancy Critchley--Crashing Through the Noise
Jenna & Tristan--Be your own thought leader - Where do you go from here?
15:30-15:45 Break
15:45-16:45 Christina Craft--So You've Been Asked to Photograph a Destination Wedding?

Evening: Get smashed.  

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

This year's conference will be a the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

655 Burrard Street Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaV6C 2R7

1 888 591 1234 (Reservations)



Jasser Abu-Giemi 

About Jasser: I’m the founder, host and business coach at the Canada Photo Convention.  An event that started with just 89 Canadian Photographers one year in Vancouver and exploded to 230 photographers from around the globe the next year primarily due to the power of word of mouth marketing.  I’m very proud to have been called an entrepreneur, a teacher, a caregiver, an animal lover, a shit disturber and photography’s Oprah.

Jasser's Talk #1: 

"Love shouldn't hurt.  All the ways your business is abusing you and how to put a stop to it."

Are you a battered wife?  You'd be surprised how many of us are being abused by our businesses and don't even know it.  We often make excuses for our businesses while we let them walk all over us.  During this presentation we'll have a frank and open conversation about how most of us indeed are victims to abuse by our businesses and how you can defend yourself. 

Jasser's Talk Part #2:"Your clients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

There's a better way to do sales.  Whether it's in person, on the phone or through your website there is one absolutely essential ingredient you cannot miss.  It comes down to putting the customer first.  They need to feel that their needs are above all.  I'll show you several oppurtunities to do this that almost no photographers are putting into practice...yet.  

Jasser's Talk Part #3: (covered during power hour)

"Reap what you sow.  A walkthrough demo into simple marketing strategies you can start right now"

Whether your budget has many zeros or is just one zero I'll show you some of the best marketing strategies I've seen implemented in business and walk you through how to get started.  During this presentation I'll include a live walkthrough demo of facebook and instagram ads and show you why it's essential as the owner of your business to be putting most of your time, love and energy into marketing for future customers. 

Kendra & Brad Coupland - Selling Art from the Heart and Not Starving in the Process.

About Kendra & Brad: We are heart-centered, eco-conscious, creative documentary photographers based out of Vancouver, BC. So what does all that mumbo jumbo mean? Well first off, and most importantly, we believe in being emotionally connected with every subject we document. Everyone is beautiful, everyone deserves to have their story told – that is our fundamental belief. The most magical and meaningful moments in our lives are often disguised as mundane day-to-day occurrences – a knowing smile, a friendly touch; sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to show the world what it might be missing. We aim to refresh the world’s perspective on love every time we pick up our cameras.

When we are not shooting weddings or spending time with our incredible daughter and dog, we help other aspiring artists find inspiration within themselves, and help them to create a fulfilling and viable business while staying true to their own fundamental values, through private, intuitive, creative business coaching. We believe that every person has the right to create and make art, and that the world would be a more beautiful place if we all told stories about what it means to be human in our own unique way.

Kendra & Brad's Talk: 
Kendra attended the very first Canada Photo Convention back in 2012 and hear some advice that transformed her life - "Find Your Authentic Voice." She spent the next 4 years, alongside her husband and business partner Brad, doing hard inner work trying to figure our what the f*%# that even meant. Through their journey they discovered that for photographers, the fear associated with speaking one's authentic is often the very thing that keeps them from maximizing their potential sales. Once they figured out what their authentic voice was they were able to restructure their business to be album & print based in a way that felt genuine, rather than in a way that felt like they were used car salesmen.

Kendra and Brad will be sharing both their journey of how they found their own authentic voice, and how they integrated their discovery into a business model that allows them to make the art they love without starving in the process.

Megan Elrick - Wedding Cinematographers and Learning to Love Them

About Megan: I’m one half of Family Creative Imagery, which is a wedding photography and cinematography team based out of North Vancouver. Our photography and cinematography go together like PB & J! We believe in connection, stories, letting our clients be themselves, and not manufacturing moments.
With an education in television broadcasting and film production, I have 8 years of experience working on television series, commercials and corporate video productions. What started as a desire to work in the film industry has morphed in to photographing and filming weddings. Along with weddings, I continue to freelance produce commercials in off season, and background act in television series because I can’t seem to get enough of it…. and I may be a slight workaholic.

Megan's Talk: Have any of you photographers ever wanted to punch a wedding videographer in the throat? If so, then this talk is for you!  As someone who can be a photographer one week and a cinematographer the next, I have been on both sides of this argument. The general consensus in the wedding industry is that photographers and videographers are like the Montagues and Capulets; mortal enemies. Why is that? How can we change this stigma to better serve our clients? I am going to share with you the importance of film, what’s involved in wedding film production, how to make alliances and work effectively with videographers, and why you should urge your clients to get a wedding film! Join me on the quest to redefine our relationship with wedding videographers.

Christina Craft - Talk #1 - So You've Been Asked to Photograph a Destination Wedding?

About Christina: Christina has placed top 10 three times with the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and has won 23 Lifetime Fearless Awards. The Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada ranked her #2 in the country for 2012 and #3 in the country for 2013.  She has a diploma from the Western Academy of Photography, winning the award for best overall student. She began her love of visual story-telling while studying for a master’s degree in journalism from Carleton.  After focusing on weddings for almost 11 years, her goal is to photograph more documentary family portraiture. She is also an avid wildlife photographer and is crazy nuts about monkeys. Christina is the creator of a brand new YouTube Channel, “Get Crafty Photographers,” where you can learn all kinds of nifty hacks for taking more creative images in-camera rather than through Photoshop trickery.

Christina's Talk #1: So, you’ve been asked to photograph a destination wedding? Your mind is racing with questions and your heart is pounding with fear. Don’t worry! Christina will help you get ready for your big trip. After photographing destination weddings around the globe since 2009, Christina has pretty much been through it all. While she is no lawyer and can’t give you legal advice, she can give you the lo-down on everything you need to know about traveling with gear; dealing with an equator sun that sets faster than a buttered bullet; or protecting you and your camera from sand, ants and thieves. Christina won’t mess around with theory or philosophy. Expect a very freaking detailed, explicit talk. Get ready to write a lot of notes!  

Christina Craft Talk #2 - Everything This Christina Knows About Marketing

Christina's Talk #2: Christina was once on a fast-track career climbing the ladder in marketing and PR. She was Corel’s first web manager back when CorelDRAW was a big deal (and the company launched its first series of stock photography discs). She later moved on to work for other gigantic high-tech companies you’ve probably never heard of, before quitting everything to go back to school for photography.  That ten plus years of online marketing experience helped her initially, especially when it came to placing on the first page of Google for pretty much any keyword she wanted. But after Google changed its algorithm several times, her website fell off the map, and she spent the last year and a half successfully fighting her way back to page one.  In the meantime, she had to fiercely pound the pavement, trying more traditional analog marketing methods to keep her business afloat. She’ll tell you all about her mistakes and triumphs – what is working (and not working) either online or offline.  This is a no-fluff talk with oodles of advice to help you whether you’re new to photography or you’ve been in business for years.  

Jessica Hill - Divide and Conquer - The Science and Art of Building an Associate Brand 

About Jessica: With over ten years of running a photography studio full time, numerous awards, and countless publications, Jessica’s style is a blend of photojournalism and creative portraiture, with a fresh perspective that celebrates all of the passion, emotion and electricity that makes life so unique.

Jessica's Talk: With increased competition, seasonal income and price wars happening more and more in the wedding industry, Jessica will be sharing ways to divide and conquer your approach to business. She will teach you simple ways to diversify your income stream which will increase overall bookings and profitability, including in-house sales and associate brands. By creating a separate associate brands for both weddings and boudoir and offering in-house sales, Jessica has taken her previously struggling income to new heights with the power of a trusted team.

Rebecca Bose -Taking the Terror Out Of In Person Sales

About Rebecca: I live in Sudbury, Ontario, land of lakes!  I try to incorporate as much of its rugged beauty into my work as I can.
I picked up my first SLR in 1995 and a photographer was born!
My style is a mixture of documentary and classically posed portraits.
My Wedding work has been published internationally and I’ve recently branched out documenting Births and photographing ‘day in the life’ sessions.  My heart really lays in documenting real moments.  
A few fun facts about me.
 I love cooking and entertaining.
I’m a member of a wine tasting club (that makes it classy right?)
I love to joke and laugh.
I played Roller Derby for 3 years.
I have never accused of being too quiet.
I have a wonderful husband, an adorable son and a white German Shepherd that fancies herself an escape artist.
I’ll talk to anyone, literally, I start conversations with random strangers in the grocery store.

Rebecca's Talk: Your work is good right? So why is it so hard to sit across from your clients when it comes to selling your images? The art of selling is pretty simple, I'll share them with you in this talk.
I'll be walking you through my sales process and talk to you about
How to overcome your fear of selling  How to deal with your fear of being judged How to get started selling 
I hope to take you from feeling like you're standing naked in front of a bunch of church ladies to feeling like Steve Jobs when he says "and there's one more thing..."

Andy Stenz - Intentionality - Building a better life and business, here or 4000 miles away

About Andy: Andy is a portrait and wedding photographer focused on the connection between two people. He is also known for his landscape work from his travels around the globe. He strives to live a life of intentionality and adventure with his wife and their little dog. He currently calls Honolulu, Hawaii home (mainly for the alliteration, the weather's not bad either). 

​Andy's Talk: Not everyone is trying to move a business to another city (or a totally different time zone) but the tools and focus that it takes to do so can help anyone run a better business where they already are AND hopefully, and more importantly, lead a more fulfilling life.

Justin Lam - Wedding and Trade Shows... Bounty or Bust?

About Justin: Justin is the owner and operations manager of Three Sixty Media. Engaging people through crafting unique experiences and touch points is the heart of what he and his team of photographers and videographers do. Helping people to reach their goals and dreams are a big part of what keeps his fire going everyday.

Friendships are a big part of his life and you will find him taking time out to nurture friendships and helping others in their business. Breaking bread and spending quality time together is very important.

Justin's Talk: Do you dread Wedding or Trade shows? Do you begrudgingly attend with no expectations of landing any clients? Do you do it just to show people you are still around? This presentation will leave you with real strategies, expectations and execution steps to help you get the most out of your show. Wedding and Trade Shows are a big part of your marketing program and maybe you just need a little tweak to start profiting from them!

Nancy Critchley - Crashing Through the Noise

About Nancy: Nancy Critchley is a professional photographer, but first, she is a professional communicator. She has spent nearly 35 years in the communications world and almost six in the professional photography world. She has written speeches for the COO of Enbridge Pipelines, the VP of IBM, Miss Sarah Chan, the first lady of Edmonton, and the CEO of United Way (and believe me, the CEO of United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is the toughest one to please).

She has spent most of her life in words, and now, she is spending the rest of her life in pictures. She is a wife of one, a mother of three, and a grandma of eight….and, she wrote this intro in less then 10 minutes, because, she loves words (and pictures) THAT much.

Nancy's Talk: Learn how to to find your unique selling/value proposition and sell yourself. What sets you apart from the crowd? Exploiting your reviews - how to make third party advocacy work for you. What do your potential clients really want to read before they see what you are capable of producing? Your website and collateral materials are your resume - get the interview booked.

Jenna & Tristan Shouldice

About Jenna & Tristan: Jenna and Tristan are award winning photographers based out of Victoria and Toronto. They are passionate about documentary photography, making work and constantly growing as photographers.

Jenna's Talk: Be your own thought leader - Where do you go from here?

A sarcastic take on a very real approach to moving your business and photography forward. We’ll discuss how meaningful work actually does impact your business, how what you say can be done without words and how spewing your own bullshit can help others to find their own path too. Lastly we’ll look at why it’s important to lead each other from this point on. 

Abby Taylor & Dave Moss -Embracing the Uncomfortable

About Abby & Dave: Abby + Dave Photographers, who are nature and moment inspired wedding photographers and educators from Alberta, Canada. When we aren’t shooting you can find us exploring the Peruvian Jungle, the Canadian Rockies, or chilling at home with our dog Bowen. We love openness and honesty within the photographic community to elevate each of us as individuals and as an industry. We’ve been listed as the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in US and Canada by SLR Lounge, the 25 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Canada by Weddingbells, The Top 30 Under 30 by Canada Photo Convention, and the Top 4 Wedding Photographers by Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada.

Abby and Dave's Talk: No one hurts your business or your creativity more than you, and in getting out of your own way you become your greatest asset. We're going to talk about getting outside of your comfort zone to completely change your art, your business and your relationships with your clients. Too often we don't even realize that we're imposing limitations on ourselves to avoid things that make us uncomfortable, and uncomfortable is where the magic happens. Let us show you how getting uncomfortable can give you a fresh perspective on the way you see the world, your work, and your business.

Tim King - Headshots with heart

About Tim: Tim King is a photographer based out of San Diego, California.  He's set up his business in a way that's distributed to provide enough work during the week to still enjoy time with his friends on the weekends.  Shooting over 500 headshots, 30 corporate events and weddings, he's managed to carve out a combination that has ensured security, success, and celebration.
With a penchant for travel and thrillseeking, Tim has an unrelenting curiosity for people and the world at large.  While polarizing at times, Tim appreciates a good discussion about controversial topics.  Philosophy enriches his soul.

Tim's Talk: In Tim's talk, he'll give you an outline of what advantages and disadvantages corporate work can offer you, and a detailed instruction on how to begin building a clientele base.  Additionally, to provide you with the best mentality to serve your clients, he'll share with you his approach towards gaining client trust and achieving satisfaction.
Tim hopes that the skills he shares with you can be applied to your business regardless of genre.  Most importantly, Tim wants you to succeed.

Kelsey Goodwin - F*CK UP HOUR

About Kelsey: Kelsey Goodwin spends most of her time with her puppy Cairo and taking up random hobbies like stand up comedy, app design and a fitness competition.
She also loves board games, science fiction and geography apps. Food is her favourite thing and she collects cool people.

She is a hopeless romantic which is why she has been a full time wedding photographer for the past 6 years (commercial photography is the other 50% of her business).

In 2012, Rangefinder named her the youngest of 30 International Rising Star of wedding photography.
Last year, Canada Photo Convention named her top 30 under 30 in Canada as well as top 15 most inspiring Canadian wedding photographers by Weddingbells Magazine.
Her work has garnered several accolades with wppi, bcwa, viwa and fearless.
Last year she spoke at the Canada Photo Convention and Showit United Convention in Arizona. She enjoys being a teacher and a student.

Kelsey's Talk #1: I'm going to take you on a journey of my mistakes and lightbulb moments as a human photographer these past 6 years.  Most importantly, I will teach you what I have learned about human psychology in these moments, and share tools I have made to handle difficult clients when it's time to damage control.

Kelsey Goodwin - Perfecting the Image

Kelsey's Talk #2: So you've got the perfect subject and lighting, unfortunately it takes much more to make a winning photograph. I will show you my unique posing tips and retouching in Lightroom and Photoshop to take your images to the final level.

Vairdy Frail - Giving Back while Moving Forward: How Charitable Marketing will Elevate You and Your Brand

About Vairdy: HELLO! I’m Vairdy [ver-dee] and I love to photograph love. Engagements, weddings, new babies, families. I love it all. It’s all about the relationships.
I am a free-spirit, I’m creative and I love comedy. Getting outside with my 3 boys
(1 husband and twin 4 year olds!) is my favourite.
Things that make me happy are dark chocolate, surfing and playing in the mountains. I also love dancing + being silly. I have a deep respect for the ocean, I am scared of snakes and I love hearts.
To say I am super passionate about giving back and contributing in my community through my photography business is an understatement. Since I started my photography business 7 years ago it has become an integral part of my brand and who I am. I don’t hesitate to dream big and I am very grateful for this amazing life I have.

Vairdy's Talk: It doesn't matter the size of your business, your annual sales or how busy you are. If you have a business you have the power to give back. I want to share with you how I have used my photography skills to actively contribute to my community and give back to charities and causes I feel connected to, while at the same time growing my business. The 3 main ways I do this are volunteering, donating and fundraising. I guarantee doing these things will have a positive impact on you and on your business. Not only does giving back create a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, it also gives you the opportunity to market yourself and your business in a super unique and non-salesy way. If you are just in business for yourself and for your clients you aren't doing enough.  Think bigger. Change the world. Be a superhero.

Currently the conference is sold out. We do have a few members that are unable to attend.
Email info@canadaphotoconvention.com to be connected with a photographer that's looking to sell their ticket. 


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Is there a dress code?

Wolf-themed shirts are encouraged but really you can wear whatever you like.

What kind of weather should I expect?

Spring in Vancouver is beautiful, and the flowers are just beginning to bloom. You can expect sunny days with highs in between 15-20 degrees celsius. Don’t forget to pack a light to medium weight jacket and layers as temperatures vary from day to night.  Also it can rain at any given moment in Vancouver at any time even in full sun.  

Is there an option to pay with a payment plan?

You can make three equal payments over three months to complete your registration.  This option is not available on early bird tickets or within two months of the conference. 

Where can I park?

For pricing please contact the hotel.  

Prefer public transportation?

Vancouver has amazing public transportation.  Once we've chosen the conference venue we'll post some directions here for out of town folks.    

Who are the speakers and what are the topics?

We're currently adjusting our speaker lineup.  Please sign up for updates above to hear more.